How to Get the Max Rent for My Home – Columbia Property Manager Explains

System - Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One of my most commonly asked questions is – how do I get the maximum rent for my property? There are several things we can do for Columbia landlords to increase the amount of rent and get you the most money we can per month on that property. 

Curb Appeal

This might sound like common sense, but curb appeal is so important. That means pressure washing the house if it needs it, trimming the hedges, putting some mulch out front, keeping the yard looking good and creating a warm and inviting first impression. Spend some time on curb appeal so good tenants will be willing to pay what you’re asking. 

Making Renovations

Doing some renovations on the inside of the property will make a difference. Even inexpensive updates will help you earn more money on rent. Consider painting before you put your property on the rental market. Replacing light fixtures and taking down old brass door handles and replacing them with brushed nickel will give the home a cleaner, more modern look. Take down the old white ceiling fans and do something with a dark wood to create an updated look. Appliances are important too, so change out older appliances because kitchens are huge when it comes to rental price and finding good tenants.  

Correct Pricing 

Be careful not to overprice or underprice your property. When we are helping Columbia owners price their properties, we look at comparable rentals in the 
area, as well as the features and amenities of your home, its age, and its condition. This helps us to come up with a price point that works in the market. We don’t want to leave money on the table, but we also don’t want to let the property sit vacant. 

These are the things that will help increase rent and demand for property. If you’d like more information about our Columbia property management services, please contact us at Turner Properties.