Why Choose Turner Properties to Manage My Columbia Rental Property?

System - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Turner Properties is a full-service company providing property management in Columbia, South Carolina. Today, we’re talking to Columbia landlords about why you should choose Turner Properties to manage your rental home. 

Property Management Focus

The first thing you need to know is that our main business is property management – not sales. It’s a very different business and industry, and if you do need a property management company, we strongly recommend that Columbia owners work with a company that does property management daily. We are familiar with the laws, the changes in laws, and the things that affect property management. This protects you from liability, and we can help you avoid other potential pitfalls when it comes to renting a home. We can explain insurance requirements, property taxes, and anything that might affect your ability to lease your home profitably. 


For most property owners, the number one expense is vacancy. We do several things to help you avoid vacancy, and it starts with marketing. We have a phenomenal website where we post professional photos of your home, as well as a YouTube video tour so we can virtually walk people through your home without them even setting foot in the property. This is especially great for people who aren’t local. We propagate those listings to dozens of websites to get your property in front of as many people as possible. Our staff answers calls and responds to emails promptly to ensure your home is rented quickly. 

Tenant Screening  

We have an in-house screening service that conducts background checks on potential Columbia tenants. This allows us to check an applicant’s credit, criminal background, employment, income, and landlord history. By having that service in-house, we do a better job of making sure the information we get from the applicant is true and correct. We also want to reduce the risk of default by the tenant.  


We keep our owners up to date on things happening at their property. Most owners like to know when there’s a maintenance issue or a tenant problem, so we 
have email alerts that inform you of work orders, when a new lease is signed, and when a renewal is executed. You have an owner’s portal you can log into and see your account balance, your statements, and send messages to management staff.  

With these things, we provide better service than anyone else in the Columbia property management market. If you have any questions or need additional Columbia landlord advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Turner Properties.